Thank you for the hunt and for the experience my wife had. We all had a wonderful time and you, your guides, and those who prepared the meals took good care of us. Our friends who came with us had a good time too. My wife has told people that this experience completed one of her bucket list things to do. Again many thanks!

– Tommy
Kelly, just wanted to let you know that I had a great hunt and really enjoyed the whole Royal Rut camp experience. I look forward to booking another trip in the future. AJ did a great job guiding, entertaining, and educating me on the 4-wheeler. I would also like to give a thumbs-up to the butcher. He did an excellent job with my elk. In the past, I have always processed my own game and have been a little leery about a commercial operation. But his place was very clean, and the meat and sausage was excellent by any standard. Thanks again, and good luck in all of your upcoming adventures. Say “hi” to everybody at the camp.

– Al
I want to thank you for the hunt of a lifetime. Everything was perfect on the trip. I have been hunting for 60 years and this was the best hunt ever. You run a quality operation. The bonding experience with xxx’s son was an unexpected bonus. XXX never had a grandfather and the time we had together left a big impression on the boy. He is going to start a savings account so he can return in a few years. Tyson was an excellent guide and made our trip very pleasant. I was really worn out after returning home and am still waiting for my body to return to normal. The meat from the elk is very tasty and should last a long time as will the memories of the hunt.

– Ralph
Thank you for a great hunt and a wonderful experience. Your guide, Owen, was a patient and careful guide. He made sure that we went at our own pace and if we looked like we needed to slow down or stop for a rest, that’s what we did. His scouting and tracking skills were outstanding. He gave me the confidence to make “the shot of a lifetime.” He is a true asset to your Ranch. I hope to one day bring my son to your Ranch as he has just this past week completed his hunter safety course here in PA. He will, of course, have to work his way up to game this large. Once again, thank you for fulfilling a dream that I have had for a long time.

–Chris R.
What an awesome experience on your ranch. You and your staff are awesome. It will always be a memory of a lifetime, and I shall return for another adventure for a bigger bull. Thank you so much for everything. Please tell all your staff what a wonderful experience and time I had. See you soon.

–Jim B.
I just wanted to say thanks for the great time I had with you and the guys. Dave was great to hunt with. He did a good job beating the brush for us. The rest of the crew did an amazing job making us feel like nothing else mattered to them except to make our hunt the best, and the best they did. Tell Scott thanks again from me. The story of him calling those bulls to me the way he did, and putting them into range is a LEGACY. The whole experience was amazing. Tell everyone thanks and I hope to see you all again. P.S. I still see bulls when I close my eyes.

–Rex O.