Elite Retreats

We specialize in corporate retreats, not only can you experience the hunt of a lifetime, you can also learn from one of the worlds leading influencers on the topics of safety and leadership.

Spend 3 days at Royal Creek Ranches at our all inclusive Elite Retreat. This is a time for top leaders to join together for a weekend of cutting-edge training, team-building, and personal development.

The Elite Retreat takes place in May, June, September, October & November every year.  During these 3 days you will have the opportunity to hear from world renowned speakers.  This retreat is designed to push your boundaries and help you grow. You will change your way of thinking, strengthen your relationships, value and enjoy life more.

Over these three days you will have unrivaled access to some of the most influential leaders in the world. As part of the retreat, you’ll also gain insights by spending time with mentors and participants in group activities. The three days will include ample time for personal reflection, peer inquiry and coaching, and whole group discussion.

2 days will be spent in a classroom/ meeting setting and 1 day hunting in the field. Combine your outdoor experience with training from leadership expert Chad Hymas.

17 years ago Chad Hymas was building a dream… While feeding his Elk, he was in an accident that left him a quadriplegic. For the last 16 years he has traveled the world sharing his inspirational message as a professional speaker. Although he loves his “job,” his true passion was always to be a guide.


If a corporate hunt is what you are looking for a stay at Royal Creek Ranches would be a great way to say you are appreciated to your special employees or clients. Business retreats, family vacations, or special events are also available.

Corporate appreciation event… This is the place to say thank you to your clients without spending a huge amount of money to do it! Our prices and the experience cannot be beat. Chad has worked with over 1200 companies in the last 17 years, many now who are coming to see his dream that he has so eloquently shared across the globe!

– 3 days
– World renowned speakers
– Change your way of thinking
– Strengthen your relationships
– Value and enjoy life more.

The Retreat will consist of speakers, award ceremonies, expert roundtables, lunch and activities.

– 2 days will be spent in a classroom/ meeting setting
– 1 day hunting in the field. Combine your outdoor experience with training from our leadership expert Chad Hymas.

3 day adventure: $4995.00 + taxes.

This includes the pheasant hunt, however the elk license is an additional fee.