We are inviting you, yes YOU, to apply and become a member of Chad’s ‘Top 100 ACCELERATE ROUNTABLE™’, and be 1 of 100 of the world’s top leaders in this exclusive mastermind! You can now enjoy networking, brainstorming, mastermind groups and personal life and business coaching from award winning speaker, life and business coach and best-selling author of Doing What Must Be Done®, Chad Hymas!

This retreat is designed to help you:

• Grow your business by 30 percent annually.
• Grow your production by 50 percent annually.
• Maximize and optimize your life vision goals.
• Benchmarking, separating yourself from the group.
• Holding yourself accountable- Three step accountability process.
• Lead through visible felt leadership.
• Bulletproofing strategies against the turbulence of your own thinking and the beliefs of others.
• Know where your life vision is, not where you think it is.
• Final integration


Additionally you will make friendships and association with like-minded people and people who think completely out of the box. When you become a member of Chad’s top 100, you are part of an elite group!  Being a member comes with many perks, added values and exclusivity to mastermind sessions, retreats, VIP only sessions and other activities listed below.  Furthermore, you are allowed to bring 5 additional people to the Summit in September at Chad’s ranch in Salt Lake City and the Summit in Nashville in March.  Registrations and activities are free of charge to your 5 guests.  Some activities included, however they will not be part of the VIP sessions that you are a part of.  Activities include: Pheasant hunting,  ATV’s, hiking, mountain biking, etc.  One Elk hunt is included in this top 100 package.